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They want to steal your money, but we want to help you get your money


Our Ref: GL-EFCC-005-31-NG

Re: Payment Notice

Attn: Sir/Madam,

The Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3, a partnership of the FBI, EFCC and the National White Collar Crime Center, in 2007 released its latest annual report on victims' complaints received and referred to law enforcement.

Among the results:

"Internet auction fraud was by far the most reported offense, comprising 44.9% of referred complaints. Non-delivered merchandise and/or payment accounted for 19.0% of complaints. Check fraud made up 4.9% of complaints. Credit/debit card fraud, computer fraud, confidence fraud, and financial institutions fraud round out the top seven categories of complaints referred to law enforcement during the year."

We received a notification letter from the FBI last week regarding the critical problem you have been facing over the years concerning the release of your over-due fund in Africa and how you have made attempt in sending your hard earned money to fraudsters both in Nigeria and here in London.
We also discovered that some hoodlums have been contacting you regarding this same fund disguising to be the chairperson of the Economic Financial Crime Commission (Mrs. Farida Waziri) and the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FBI (ROBERT MUELLER III)

According to our previous e-mail, our duty is to checkmate crime, terrorism and any criminal offence. We also work in collaboration with American, Asian, African and Australian security operatives. So be careful with whom you are sending money to or else you will continue to send money to the wrong person. Yes, some of these transactions on the internet may be real, but some unscrupulous agents, bankers, partners or lawyers will rip you off and never transfer the beneficiary's fund, instead they will look for a means to divert the fund for their personal benefit.
You are hereby advice to stop any financial transaction you have presently with any one claiming to be the chairperson of the Economic Financial Crime Commission (Mrs. Farida Waziri) or the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FBI (ROBERT MUELLER III) and make sure you forward all those fake documents that was given to you by those fraudsters such as Transfer Bill Certificate, Stop Order Certificate and ANTITERRORIST CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to the below inspector in charge of foreign/crime dept via the below contact information in order to enable her process the transfer of your over-due fund:


Bear in mind that the total amount of your over-due fund is $5,500,000.00 and not $15,500,000.00 because we have a proper record and documentation of your fund here in our office.
You are advised to act according to every instructions, directives provided to you We want you to know that no matter the amount of fund you send to those hoodlums your over-due fund will never be released, so you are advice to abide by our rules and regulations if you are ready to receive this fund with out any financial stress.
Note: That no up-front payment is to be made from your side before receiving your over-due payment such as bank transfer fee, lawyer fee or delivery fee.

Yours faithfully,

Thank you very much for your anticipated co-operation in advance as we earnestly await your urgent response to this matter.

Best Regards,

My two favorite bits are the part where OTHER people are trying to steal your money, and we're trying to help you recover it (by stealing it. Good plan!) and the address. That really sells it.
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