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This was a really clumsy attempt. Spacing just how it was sent.

 My Dear,

My name is Destiny Duru i work with the Financial Bank of Benin,herein Benin Republic as a Manager in(Telex/Computer Section) .I am incharge of all payment into foreign bank account.I will help you ifyou will not deny me after i helped you.
As i was going through the computer in the morning ,i saw your nameand your unpaid inheritance Cheque Payment which has been kept forquite long times now uncashed/unpaid due to some outstanding feesyou need to offset before your Cheque could be delivered toyou,though this your payment was sometime discussed with ourDirector,but this information i want to give to you now,do notdiscuss it with our Director as i will not be happy if you do and iwill abandon it as soon as you inform him about this development.
You see despite that your Draft has expired, i am ready to creditthis your money into your bank account just of Free Of Charge(FOC)since i am in charge here, i am given you 100% Assurance that ican do this for you, but on the ground that you will give me 5% ofthe total sum IMMEDIATELY this fund is credited into your accountjust as soon as the credit is effected , i will cover up everytracing point about this fund so that no one could trace or find outabout this fund again.
You know this thing i am embarking on is some how illegal, but iwant to take the risk so that i will make some money to establishgood business out there.Please if the above sugestion is ok by you,do reply me immediately i will inform you about the next step.Notethat the Hard Disc for all foreign payments is only one and there isno way i can use the same Disc to credit your account to avoid anytrace and on that ground you will have to buy a Hard Disc in yourcountry and send to me so that i will transmit all your file into itand later use it to credit your account.You don't need to spendmoney any more before you receive your money except the Hard Discyou will buy and send to me.
I would have asked you to send money to buy it here in africa, butfor the fact that it will be cheaper in your country than here,hence i wanted you to buy it there and send it to me.The name of theHard Disc is (TIAC.U12 HDD) and please do not buy any one made intaiwan, the best is the one made in England ok please take note, andwhat is needed is just one Hard Disc only to execute this
transaction either the small size or the big size any one among themcan serve ok.
This Hard Disc is used for crediting of an account, only use in thebank and financial houses .
Just buy it and send it to me immediately so that before the next48hrs the job will be completed.
Thanking you in advance for your understanding.
Yours sincerely,
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